Introducing  Grow-Shield™

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Grow-Shield is a uniquely flexible, twin-wall, translucent, polycarbonate sheet that will maintain total structural integrity and excellent insulation properties, even when bent to a radius as small as 12 inches.

Grow-Shield sheets are designed for vertical or horizontal outdoor applications - the exterior, non-contoured, surface has a UV protected coating. For seasonal use, sheets can be stored flat and recurved for use hundreds of times.

Grow-Shield is a great improvement over low tunnels and small hoop houses. Grow-Shield is insulative, transmits more sunlight, and it's natural rigidity eliminates the need for wire hoops. The sheets can be stored flat and easily reinstalled for each growing season.

By using shorter side edge connectors only at certain intervals, an optional vent gap can be allowed where needed, especially for long rows or if the ends are closed.

Thicknesses planned for these sheets are 6mm, 8mm, and 10mm.
Minimum radius will depend on the sheet thickness and wall thickness specs.

Side and end edge connectors will also be available in order to make Grow-Shield as versatile as possible. Small or cut sheets can be connected to create custom sizes. Large sheets can be connected end-to-end for long continuous row covering or similar applications.

The end edge connectors are also designed to create a weather-resistant seal that will also keep out insects and dust.



Grow-Shield™ Applications

The original application for Grow-Shield sheets was the pPod, which needed a flexible version of standard twin-wall greenhouse panels. While exploring applications for the pPod, it was clear that using just the Grow-Shield sheets addressed a number of applications. Here are the ones related to farming and gardening:

  • Low tunnels (row crop covers)
  • Small hoop houses
  • Cold frames
  • Vertical cylinder applications
    • tall single-plant protection
    • young tree protection
    • small garden barrier

For more information on Grow-Shield applications please contact us.


Grow-Shield Development Status

At the end of 2018, Ponix MicroAg decided to focus on bringing Grow-Shield to market in parallel with pPod development since it is a critical and unique feature of the pPod. Toward that goal, the following key milestones have been reached to date (05Oct2019):

  • Prototyping of 6mm sheet completed
  • Prototyping of 8mm sheet completed
  • Design, specification and prototyping of connectors are complete
  • Patent pending