Introducing  pPods™

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The pPod™ is the perfect enclosure for growing a wide variety of herbs and vegetables in any location, especially where plants can be damaged by wind, storms, pests, or freezing.

The pPod is a versatile growing enclosure with two flexible front sliding access panels - no swinging doors or lids. Open the top as seasonal plants get tall and to allow more sun or high temperature relief. Open the bottom to access lower plants, planters & irrigation.

This low-profile aerodynamic design withstands high winds and storms on balconies and roof tops and the double-wall plastic panels provide excellent insulation and diffuse sunlight to help provide a more uniform growing environment.

pPods can be delivered with as few as 7 parts, so it can be assembled easily in minutes and no tools are required. Disassembly is just as easy, making pPods portable and easy to store. The target retail pricepoint for a single Standard pPod is $160.


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The Standard pPod is 28 inches wide x 18 inches deep at the base and 30 inches high at the back.

pPods will also be available in 2 larger sizes.

The Agri pPod is the same height as the Standard pPod, but with a larger base - 40 inches wide by 30 inches deep - to accomodate commercial size flats.

The Alta pPod is designed to accommodate larger plants such as tomatoes, dill, and cannabis. It has the same base dimensions as the Agri pPod and is 60 inches tall at the back.

Both the Agri pPod and Alta pPod have a deeper tray than the Standard pPod to provide greater heating and irrigation capacity.


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Attach multiple pPods of any size side-by side with no walls between each pPod segment to economically create larger Expanded pPod enclosures. pPods can also be attached back-to-back to double the size of a single pPod enclosure. This configuration is very stable in potentially windy locations such as rooftops and is highly recommended for Alta pPods located away from a wall.

By adding expander units, there is no limit to the number of pods that can be added on to a row of Expanded pPods.

As well as allowing more plants to be grown in a pPod environment, expanding pPods provides more room for larger plants to spread out. The greater volume also helps to keep all the enclosed plants warmer during cold weather.


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pPods are available with an optional heated irrigation system for year-round growing and as a foundation for hydroponic systems. The irrigation system circulates water at 78 degrees F through the tray beneath the plants for even temperature control and comes with a diversion valve that switches the circulating water to a drip watering system for greater irrigation control and convenience. This system is designed to keep a fully exposed Standard pPod from freezing with outdoor temperatures as low as 0 degrees F.

Multiple grow light options will be available, including top mounted high intensity lights and strip LED supplemental lighting that conforms to the frame.

An automatic front panel positioner is being developed to make sure pPod segments are properly vented in hot weather and closed when temperatures drop.

Other accessories that will become available in the future are already being designed.

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pPod™ Applications

The original vision for the pPod was to see it used on every balcony and rooftop in New York City, as well as every other urban area in the U.S. But as we began getting feedback, doing demos and talking to folks around the country, it was obvious that a tremendous demand existed in suburbs and on farms. The list of potential applications continues to grow. Here are just a few:

  • Home growing of all types of plants on balconies, terraces, decks, and rooftops
  • Micro-farming, urban agriculture, and community gardening
  • Starter and early spring plant protection for home gardening and commercial growing
  • On-site herbs, greens, and vegetables for restaurants, markets, hospitals
  • Schools: ecology, biology, gardening & healthful food projects
  • Hydroponics and other CEA applications

More information on pPod applications can be found in the pPod FAQ Sheet.

pPod™ Development Status

As Ponix MicroAg is still in the development stage, we are currently working toward final commercialization. toward that goal, the following key milestones have been reached to date (17Jun2020):

  • Initial prototyping and testing is complete.
    • 8 separate prototypes
    • 12 design iterations total
    • consistent performance over 7 years
    • stable in extreme weather, including exposure to a tropical storm
  • US Patent No. 10,285,337 granted for Compact Plant Enclosure
  • Demo units currently at NYC residence; WeWork/WeLive Wall St.; Atlanta residence; demo being shipped to NJ residence
  • Preliminary manufacturing CAD models complete for simple Standard pPod and
    pPod Expanders
  • In the process of identifying parts suppliers