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Warranty Policy & Terms

Ponix MicroAg warrants all products manufactured by Ponix MicroAg (pPodTM, pPod Expander, pPod Shelf Kit) for 1 year effective from the date of purchase. Warranty lengths may vary for products produced by other manufacturers and sold by Ponix MicroAg.

Under the limited warranty, Ponix MicroAg will repair, replace, or refund any parts or items found to be defective due to manufacturing flaws.  Should your product prove defective within the specified warranty period, email Ponix MicroAg at with a description of the flaw or failure. If the item is determined to be defective and not the result of damage due to abuse, accident, alteration, misuse, tampering or vandalism, Ponix MicroAg will replace either the defective individual part or the entire item at our discretion. Replacements will be shipped free of charge.

Ponix MicroAg is not responsible in any way for any damages, losses or inconveniences caused by equipment failure or by user negligence, abuse, or use noncompliant with user manuals or any additional safety, use, or warnings included in any product packaging and manuals.

Because of the many factors affecting the user experience of Ponix MicroAg products that are not related to the quality or capabilities of our products, Ponix MicroAg does not guarantee the health or quality of plants or other living organisms grown or placed in a pPodTM (single or expanded) and is not liable for any damage or injury to plants, animals, or objects placed in a pPodTM.

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