Introducing  Ponix MicroAg LLC

Ponix MicroAg LLC is a development stage company preparing to bring you ideal environments for micro-farming and gardening, as well as applications for larger scale commercial farming.

Ponix MicroAg started with the design of the recently patented* pPod™ - the perfect enclosure for growing a wide variety of herbs and vegetables in any location, especially where plants can be damaged by wind, storms, pests, or freezing. The design is a rugged, compact plant enclosure that is easy to use, easy to look at and will keep your plants healthy and happy year-round.

The develoment of the pPod has spawned 2 unique potential products that are incorporated into the pPod design. The first is Grow-Shield™ (patent pending), a uniquely flexible, twin-wall, translucent, polycarbonate sheet that not only serves as the "roll-top" front/top access for the pPod, it is also excellent for commercial plant coverings such as low tunnels and compact hoop houses. The second product is a heated irrigation tray which is still in the design phase.

Please contact us for more information on our company and future products.

* U.S. Patent No. 10,285,337

The Ponix MicroAg Story

Ponix MicroAg LLC is currently at the critical point of working with prototypers and manufacturers to begin producing parts for pilot production. The initial design and testing of the pPod is complete after a process that began in 2013 when we built the first pPod prototype.

But Ponix MicroAg has its roots going back to 2002 when its founder, Chris Wark, started a green roof consulting firm, SHADE, that always looked for opportunities to include food production on rooftops. The inspiration to create a high performance plant enclosure came after a trip to Guiyang, China in 2009 where Chris saw how most people were growing vegetables, including corn and string beans, on their balconies. Soon after, he and his wife moved to New York where the exposed balcony of their 35th floor apartment desperately needed some protection for their plants, and brainstorming on what would become the pPod commenced.

The pPod has evolved through several iterations with 12 prototypes built to date. pPods have been used with tremendous success at 2 locations in New York City, including the WeWork/WeLive building at 110 Wall St, 2 locations in Atlanta, and a new demo will soon begin in New Jersey. A brief review of the progression of its development is available for download.

For an updated status of the pPod development, please visit our pPods page.
For an updated status of Grow-Shield, please visit our Grow-Shield page.